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Samsung DA97-11447C Auger Case
Part Samsung DA97-11447C Auger Case

An auger motor in an ice maker is a component responsible for turning the auger, a spiral-shaped device that moves ice from the ice maker bin to the dispenser.

Replacement parts for other ice maker components, including the auger or case, can be found through the ice maker's manufacturer, authorized dealers, or reputable appliance parts retailers. Provide the ice maker model number for accurate compatibility.

Regularly clean and inspect the ice maker, including the auger and auger motor, to ensure optimal performance. Follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines provided in the user manual. These FAQs provide information on ice auger motors and related components in ice makers, including replacement, signs of wear, and maintenance tips. Always refer to the ice maker's user manual for specific guidance and consult with the manufacturer or authorized dealers for personalized assistance.

The auger motor powers the rotation of the auger, which, in turn, pushes ice from the ice maker bin through the dispenser chute for easy access.

Yes, in many cases, you can replace the auger motor in your ice maker yourself. Replacement auger motors are often available through appliance parts retailers or the ice maker's manufacturer.

Replacement auger motors for ice makers can be found through the ice maker's manufacturer, authorized dealers, or reputable appliance parts retailers. Ensure compatibility by providing the ice maker model number.

Signs of a faulty auger motor include unusual noises during ice dispensing, failure to dispense ice, or the motor not turning when the ice dispenser is activated. If you experience these issues, it may be time to replace the auger motor.

Yes, augers for ice makers are often available as separate replacement parts. Ensure you purchase the correct auger compatible with your ice maker model.

Like many mechanical components, ice auger motors can wear out over time with regular use. The lifespan may vary depending on usage patterns and the quality of the motor.

To replace the auger motor, you typically need to access the ice maker's internal components. Follow the instructions provided in the ice maker's user manual for step-by-step guidance. Ensure the ice maker is unplugged during the replacement process.

While third-party auger motors may be available, it's recommended to use genuine replacement parts from the ice maker's manufacturer. Genuine parts ensure compatibility and performance.